"How To Discover Your True Purpose and Unlock Your Passion"

Inner Voice reveals the TRUTHS I’ve discovered along my journey from setback to triumph after 5-years, 20,000 hours of research and personal exploration. Learn from my experience to unlock your hidden gifts and achieve your dreams.

Russ Whitney, Best Selling Author

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What People Are Saying:

Kevin Harrington

Investor “Shark”, ABC’s Shark Tank; Chairman, As Seen On TV, Inc.

"I've always been a very driven person, and sometimes you can drive too fast. When I started working with Russ and experiencing The Inner Voice, things changed amazingly! I now feel as if I have a road map to get where I want to be in a controlled, focused fashion. Faster isn't always better. Inner Voice has been a life changer for me."

Kristen White

TV Host, The Ripple effect

"Every once in a while, a book comes along that offers a key to open a door to deep within ourselves that unlocks a brilliant, undiscovered opportunity for our lives. Russ Whitney elegantly reminds us of the quiet, unwavering soul truth we often overlook in our busy world and create a practical bridge to listen to the messages from our spirit as a daily magical voice of guidance and transformation. I recommend this book as a tool for anyone who wants to expand their current awareness.”

Larry Benet

Chief Connector, Speaker and Authors Networking Group

“Russ Whitney is someone who won big and lost big, and has found a system that works to unlock your purpose and passion in order to bring you peace and true happiness. I have had the good fortune of learning from Russ one on one, and now you can benefit from his wisdom and experience in this amazing book.”

So What’s The Book About?

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Get the Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions

After five years and 20,000 hours researching life’s most difficult questions, internationally-recognized businessman and best-selling author Russ Whitney reveals the answers to the questions everyone of us asks at one time or another:

  • What’s my purpose?

  • Who is really in control?

  • And who has the right answers?

  • Where can I turn when I have fear, doubt, anger and anxiety?

  • Am I fulfilling my purpose?

You’ll follow Russ’ personal journey following a highly public downfall from the loftiest perch as CEO and founder of a multi-million dollar business that also left him divorced, alienated from his children and struggling to rehabilitate his life. His journey sent him around the world to talk with spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders and thought leaders as he developed the principles that have helped him and so many others discover their purpose and passion.

About Russ Whitney

Whitney is the author of more than 30 books, workbooks, and home study courses, including the bestsellers Building Wealth (Simon & Schuster), Millionaire Real Estate Mentor (Dearborn), and The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset (Doubleday).

Whitney is well-known for his work with at-risk youths, spearheading a successful $2 million fundraiser to build the first Youth Center in his hometown. Personally and through his companies, he has supported a wide range of charitable organizations, including domestic violence shelters, youth programs, Salvation Army services, and more. As the developer of Monterey, Costa Rica, he spearheaded efforts to stock the local Red Cross medical center with critical supplies, donating and transporting essential provisions.

After retiring from the day-to-day operations of his business ventures in 2008, Whitney launched a personal quest to find the answer to an age-old question: What is the meaning of life? His search for the truth took him on a five-year journey that led to the creation of Inner Voice®, a unique program for personal and spiritual development. In Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion (Hay House Publishing), Whitney shares the truth about his humbling experiences and provides a step-by-step guide for learning and applying Inner Voice principles and strategies.

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