The Building Wealth Quick Start Guide

“Russ, if your advice is so valuable, why are you practically giving it away?”

That’s a fair question. First, because I can afford to do it. Secondly, I want more people to be able to enjoy the success myself and so many of my students have enjoyed. I get more pleasure now from seeing my students succeed than I do just about anything else.

Discover how to:

  • Find properties rich with cash in just 6 EASY steps.
  • Acquire income-producing properties at below market value that will generate cash for years to come.
  • Put to work my BEST strategy to close deals with NO MONEY DOWN. I’ll show you how step-by-step.
  • Evaluate every deal by focusing on the single, most IMPORTANT criteria every investor should know.
  • Get the funding you need using my 8 EASY FINANCING METHODS even if you have no money or no credit!
  • Fix and fill your properties with the least amount of money so you have positive cash flow for as long as you like!
  • Use my 6 PROVEN STRATEGIES to find the BEST properties to invest in for MAXIMUM return.

Russ Whitney

Entrepreneur & Business Leader

I’ve been investing and teaching students how to make money in real estate for three decades. I’ve written 3 best-selling books and I’ve published numerous courses. I can tell you that this course is the absolute BEST we have ever produced for anyone interested in real estate investing.

In fact, I’ve had quite a few people review it for me. They thought I was nuts when I told them I’m giving it away.  Several said I should charge $395, and one said, “Charge anything less than $495 and you’re crazy!”

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